Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mythic Celts Warband

I got started on the minis from my last post. I superglued them to fender washers, undercoated with black craft paint, and slopped Durham's water putty onto the bases to even things out between the washer and the integral base. Fleshtones are a mix of Reaper MSP Tanned Flesh and Coat d'Arms Suntanned Flesh, thinned with my general purpose thinner and wash base, a blend of Liquitex airbrush thinner, distilled water, flow aid and drying retarder. Some of them, like the skyclad fellow with the axe, are nearly pure Reaper, while the female is nearly pure CdA, the others being a mix. I don't know how well the difference will come across after shading and highlighting, but I do like to vary skin tones whenever I think of it.

Half the group are going to be redheads. They got a base of CdA Rat Brown, a match for the old Citadel Colour Bestial Brown. The black haired fellow used MSP Armor Grey (an incredibly useful color), the brown is CdA Leather Brown, and the blonde warrior has a base of CdA Festering Brown.

I started roughing out some highlights and shadows on one of the models, but I can already see these guys are going to take more time than I originally bargained for. Finding out they're supposed to be mythic Celts has me thinking they all need tattoos, woad and plaid trousers...
That's where I left them last night, although I did go back before bed to fiddle around with eyes and some shading and highlighting on Blondie. Most of today will likely be taken up with actual work, but I ought to be able to squeeze in a little painting time. If so, I'll post another update tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll have to dig through the lead pile and find some opponents for these guys too...

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