Monday, August 18, 2014

Upcoming projects

I've been sorting through boxes of old miniatures and trying to decide what to focus on... My brother Steven will be around in less than two weeks, and we like to get a game in when we can. I've got a couple sets of fantasy skirmish rules to try out, so I'm thinking I'll paint a few warbands, starting with these guys...

One of these is marked "Andy Cooper 1991" on the base, and the rest "AC 91" or something similar, so maybe West Wind? (ETA: Nope, they're Mythic Celts from Alternative Armies. Thanks to Wachaza on TMP for the ID!) I got 'em in a big lot of random minis from eBay 5 or 6 years ago, and they've been kicking around in a box ever since.

I've glued 'em to fender washers since taking the photos, and I'll probably start getting paint on 'em tomorrow. Updates to come!

Other upcoming projects? I'll be painting a full set of Heroquest minis some time soon. I've got two copies of the game, and I'm thinking of selling one on eBay with all the minis painted to at least a high tabletop quality. They're not the greatest sculpts, but the game has a huge nostalgia factor for a lot of folks, and I remember the White Dwarf pics of the minis painted by the 'Eavy Metal team back when it came out.

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