Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Slime Beast!

Just a quick post today - Meet the Slime Beast! This is an original sculpt, done in Milliput and green stuff, then cast in resin as an experiment/learning experience. The sculpt was inspired by the classic D&D adventure, "Night of the Walking Wet," by Paul Jaquays, and by way too many man-in-a-rubber-suit monster movies...

This is the first cast out of the mold, and since this is all new to me, and I therefore made some mistakes, he came out missing his right arm below the elbow and parts of his left hand, along with a few bits of his feet. After sculpting in new bits to replace those lost, I stuck him to a base improvised from a button/pin/badge/pin-back part and painted him up. The paint job is very basic, as you can see... Black undercoat, dark green basecoat, drybrush, detailing, and all finished up with a coat of Future floor wax, my gloss varnish of choice. Normally I use a matte varnish after the Future to kill the shine, but in this case, I figured he's a slime beast and most likely shiny.

Here he is with a Reaper sorceress for scale. I'll be writing about the mold making and casting process soon; what I did, what I did wrong, what I learned, et cetera. Comments welcome...

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