Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well Drakken Completed

Well, here he is, in all his glory. The base was started with wall spackle, as shown in the last post, with the broken cork rocks glued on. I followed that with a coat of white glue and brown paint mixed together, then dipped the base into a box of sand. Various shades of brown were applied once the sand dried, then patches of watered down glue and flock. 

The cork "rocks" got a streaky, thin wash of gray paint, which allows the various shades of the cork to show through and made for easy, realistic rocks. Glue and flock (a different shade this time, to make it look slightly different than the ground cover) took care of the moss on the rocks, and small patches of static grass help break up the look of the ground.

The pool of water was scraped out of the spackle right at the beginning, and I painted the bottom and sides in various dark browns and greens. The reeds are model railroad tall grass, trimmed, the ends dipped in white glue and allowed to dry to a tacky state before sticking them to the bottom of the pool. The water is 5 minute epoxy, mixed carefully to avoid bubbles and dripped in one drop at a time using a toothpick.

And that's pretty much it for the old guy. In spite of what I said in my last post, I have a feeling this model's gaming days are over. There's too much scenery on the base for him to look right on the table, at least in my opinion. He'd be dragging a couple of boulders and a pool of water around with him wherever he went, and that strikes me as a little silly...

I'm happy to have him looking this good, though. Like I said, I really love the sculpt, and if I decide I want one of these for the game table, there's always eBay.

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